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The official website of ‘that Aussie Guy’ from Sydney, Australia. I sold my house, quit my job and moved to Green Bay, WI in 2007 with my amazing wife and two adorable baby boys. Having spent my entire childhood in Sydney, Australia yearning to get to Green Bay I took destiny in to my own hands. My dream was to live like a local Green Bay Packer fan, in the shadows of Lambeau Field and to one day write a book about the entire, incredible experience. This website tells the story of our day-to-day adventures in Green Bay and of my subsequent return to Dallas and Green Bay for Super Bowl XLV and the Return to Titletown parade.

Post the Super Bowl, Kelly and I added young Samuel to our family and the five of us have since relocated to the USA as permanent residents of California. We continue to return to Green Bay every year for vacation, whether to see Brett’s #4 get retired, kick-off to the 100th Season last year or to get to Wisconsin Dells and catch-up with so many of the friends that me made in town. As a monument to the purpose of this site I have kept the content relevant to 2007 and 2011 so as to not get too far away those 162 days that we spent on the road. As I complete my book, I’ll include all of the new and exciting things that we’ve done ever since.

**Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XLV Champions**

A shout-out to our MVP & Super Bowl winning champs. Thank you; it’s a great time to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers! (Gary A. Vasquez/NFL)

An Introduction...

2007/8 - 45,000 kilometres, 28,000 miles. 162 days. 16 Games, 9 Stadiums. 1 family and the Green Bay Packers.

2011 - 31,000 kilometres, 19,300 miles, 8 days, 1 Game, 1 Stadium for a Super Bowl victory and one for a Super Bowl winning parade!

The story of a 15 year old dream being fulfilled contrary to all rational thinking. Of giving up what most wouldn’t to live the life you want to, not the one you happen to be leading. To meet new people in a new land that for some reason feels like home despite having never been there for longer than a few hours some 8 years ago. One football season to forget about everything else and see the world through Green and Gold eyes. From the sunny shores of Sydney Australia to the freezing depths of Green Bay Wisconsin to follow one of the most celebrated teams in sporting history. This is a once in a lifetime trip fuelled by the desire, the passion and the drive that only fans of the greatest team in American Football history could truly understand.



Watch and connect with Wayne, The Once in a Lifetime Fan.

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Three Weeks Back!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

image It’s impossible for me to beleive that I have been back in Sydney almost 3 weeks now. On one hand, it feels like the Super Bowl was just the other day. On the other though, I have been so busy since my return that it feels like I didn’t take a break at all. Where does the time go?

My first weekend back was like being in Disneyland, it was soooo great to see my wonderful little family again. I think Kel was happy to have an extra set of hands around the house and the boys were happy to get a gift or two from their Dad. As all kids are when their parent(s) come back from vacation. The ensuing two weeks or so have been absolutely flat-out though. You know, the sorts of days where you wonder what the heck is going on in your life! I guess that has to do with the combination of returning from what was a whirlwind trip, completing my website updates and jumping straight back into the deep-end at work.

As a result, for the first time in my life I find myself nodding off much earlier than I ever have. Ha! It’s either that or I’m just getting older and life itself its starting to catch up with me!!! Either way, I’m glad to say that with the posting of my last video and with this one bringing my updates, up-to-date, I can finally sit back and consider just what a crazy ride these last few weeks have been.

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